Etablì: ... In a 15th century building just off Piazza Navona... old wrought-iron chandeliers fronted by ancient stone and tuff ashlar portals under arched or wooden ceilings, lavander and pastel colours, antique furnishings and ornaments from Southern France, including the carpenters’ old Provençal benches, the établis ... This is the suggestive setting for the restaurant and winebar “Etabli” in the heart of Rome’s historic center, by now a “must” for Romans.

Etabli is so armoniously decorated, so well done you may have the impression of being in a plushy living room drawing its charm from a minimalist, fake “shabby-chic” rather elegant decor.

In the dining rooms (open 7pm to midnight) you will be tempted by the imaginative Chef’s refined and creative fish or meat dishes and home-made desserts: a Roman/Mediterranean cuisine though of International flavour joined by excellent wines wisely selected for palates careful to balance cost and quality.

In the bar lounge (open 6 pm to 2 am) you may share Roman nightlife savouring your winter cocktail or after dinner drink on comfortable armchairs and sofas close to the fireplace’s flames which add to the cosy atmosphere or sipping your summertime aperitif cooled down by a propitious airconditioning which makes enjoyable being far from the outdoor hot Roman climate.

WI-FI connection on site.
Price approx. € 40,00. Credit cards accepted. Open all week.

At noon quick lunches are served (from 12 noon to 3 pm) with salads, cold pastas and rice, a variety of cheeses hams and breads, quiches of various tastes and other options at moderate prices (approx. € 8 - 10,00). Though, “à la carte” dishes are also available. Or you can simply make your own special sandwich (from € 4).

Weekly, monthly and yearly discounted lunch cards are available. If you wish to dine at Etabli, you’d better make a reservation!

Tel. +39 06 97616694 - +39 06 6876244

Dinner Wine & Cocktail Bar


Etabli’s offer combines a traditional but at the same time innovative cuisine and tasty aperitifs, high quality wine and beer and unique original cocktails.
The restaurant is open from 7.30 PM to 11.30 PM and proposes dishes originated from the local typical Roman tradition but also creations of Etabli’s chef Tiziana Dazzi and her kitchen crew which include some delicious vegetarian specialties...

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Etablì Day & Night

Lunch & Brunch


The week-end brunch at Etablì (from late October to early May) is based on the strictest Anglo-Saxon customs, even though it offers classic dishes of our Italian tradition while also ensuring a choice of buffet and “à la carte” dishes. The selection ranges from eggs Benedict to scrambled eggs with bacon or sausages, from French toasts to hamburgers, from bagles to pancakes, or muffins, carrot cakes, cheesecakes and brownies...

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Etablì is a place different from many others in Rome due to its inclination to absorb new International trends, though respecting a spontaneous simplicity. In its interior many types of offers take form and merge. From a classic restaurant with traditional food blended with an innovative cuisine to the coffee-bar and a wine and cocktail lounge.

Etablì is located right in the heart of Rome historical centre, at approximately 500 meters distance from one of the most famous squares in the world, Piazza Navona, in an area that is historically among the most "lively" of the so-called “Roman Night”, at Vicolo delle Vacche, very close to Piazza del Fico and Via della Pace, with its beautiful Santa Maria della Pace baroque Church and the remarkable cloister by Bramante.

The food’s offering is the result of original traditions and the innovative creativity of our Chef and her kitchen crew. She can prepare particular dishes such as salmon or beef tartars and the local traditional pasta dishes, such as the “amatriciana” (spaghetti or bucatini or rigatoni pasta, with tomato sauce, bacon and pecorino cheese), the “carbonara” (pasta with bacon, eggs and parmigiano cheese), the “cacio e pepe” (pasta with plenty of parmigiano cheese and pepper), or vegetarian dishes such as the “Etabli parmigiana” (layers of zucchini with tomato sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese) or her innovative tuna fish creation or the classic hamburger “à la Etabli”.

The restaurant also offers a selection of cheeses, hams and sausages, salads and desserts. The latters, like the entire kitchen, are inspired both by local taste and by the best foreign influences. Suffice it to mention the cheesecake with a passito sauce: an “Etablì style” processing and a well known "must" of the establishment.


The coffee-bar proposes a large variety of hot beverages, which range from the classic espresso and cappuccino to hot chocolate or teas and infusions of natural herbs’ mixes. In the cocktail lounge the tender will not only serve aperitifs and wines from the best-known vineyards but also amari, grappe, passiti and varied drinks, with a choice selection that can satisfy all kinds of tastes.

The variety and quality of services and products offered and the cosmopolitan and modern character of Etabli as well as the organization in it of artistic and cultural events -such as photos and paintings exhibitions, projections of short films of famous authors and the launching of books- create an environment that leads the visitors and not only the “habitués” to feel at home. In addition, Etabli gives the possibility to read books and the most known national and International newspapers and magazines and to freely connect wireless to internet.

Since its birth, Etablì has been paying particular care and attention to the so called “Corporate Moral Responsibility”. A sensibility that arises from the long time engagement of some of its partners towards such issues as solidarity as well as sharing those values that look at the collective well being as a fundamental factor for the personal realization of each individual.






Holidays, birthdays and special occasions

Etablì is the perfect environment for celebrating a special occasion in good company. If you wish to organize a party, there is the possibility to reserve an entire room.

For any information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Vicolo delle Vacche, 9 · 00186 · Rome, Italy

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  • Mon-Wed: 7.00 am - 1.00 am
  • Thu-Sat: 7.00 am - 2.00 am
  • Sunday: 9.00 am - 1.00 am

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